My Family History pages are divided into three sections :

Collins Family History - An insight into the lives of my ancestors.

Roy's Life - A tribute to the life of Roy Collins 1916 - 2008.

Collins Family Tree - A detailed look at my ancestors along with supporting evidence. [1]

One of my regrets is that I only became interested in my ancestors later in life. It was shortly before my father died in 2008 when I first began to trace my family history and it was almost a case of starting from a blank page.

When I first started, many of the records were kept only in National and Church Archives as well as Local History Centres. Now many more records have been indexed and transcribed and can be found online but a methodical and disciplined approach is still required to obtain accurate results.

[1] Note: This section is work in progress and is the subject of regular updates as new information is discovered.

Date of last update:Jan 2015